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Be a Genius|21 Simple Ways to Unlock your Creativity

Anthony Fraiser

Anthony Fraiser

Work without creativity is like life without color- completely dreary and boring.

So how do we infuse creativity into our everyday jobs?

Let me count 21 ways

1. Question Everything:

Test to improve.

2. Make Small Bets:

Take hills first, not the mountains.

3. Pick the Worst Idea:

Risks aren’t all bad.

4. Be a copycat:

Build on the classics

5. Ask Three People:

New perspectives bring new approaches.

6. Think Like a Genius:

What would that Person do?

7. Write it Down:

Track your brainstorms

8. Practice, Practice

Daily Consistent Work Unlocks Genius

9. Focus:

Master one thing, not everything

10. Say Maybe:

Be open to possibilities

11. Unplug:

Rest fosters new connections.

12. Look Outside Your Industry:
Learn what others can teach

See the rest in the infographic below


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