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Woke Up Late Today? These 10 Simple will Help You Wake Up Early-Everyday

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I used to hate waking up early. Not until I found these tricks that helped me wake up early effortlessly.
{You skip the list and head straight for the infographic that has more explanations below.}

1. No Coffee after 2PM:
Save your cup of coffees for the mornings. Caffeine can interfere with sleep for over six hours after you drink it, even if you are’nt aware of it.
1. To limit your chance of sleep disruption, stop drinking caffeine after 2.
2. Limit Alcohol Intake
3. Set a bedtime alarm.
4. Get a nightime routine
5. Take a bath
6. Turn off all the electronics
7. Be motivated
8. Adjust Gradually
9. Stay Consistent
10. Get out of bed.
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