These Tips Will Help You Have a Clean, Shave-Everytime

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  1. The Same Shaving Rule Does Not Apply to Every Guy:

    This is the very first thing you need to understand. Different guys have different types of hair- from thin/full to sensitive and non sensitive- hence the rules are different.

  2. How to Prevent In-grown Hair :

    The best way to prevent in-grown hair is to properly prepare your skin and hair before the shave. First wash the area you want to shave with hot water as it softens the skin and use a good pre-shave oil. Lather up with a pre-shave brush.It helps lifts the beard hair and softens it.Then always finish off with an after-shave balm or lotion.

  3. The Difference Between a Shave Gel, a Shave  Foam and Shave Cream:

    Th amount of foam and moisturizer in each one is what differentiates them. Amongst the three, gels and foams have a higher level of foams and lower level of moisturizer.If you have  sensitive skin, then you should go for creams.

  4. How to Prevent Irritation and Skin Damage After a Fresh Shave:

    Use a moisturizing shave that does not contain alcohol.The moisture will keep irritation at bay

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