3 Types of Statement Blazers Every Man Should Have In His Wardrobe Fashionable african american man smiling

The right type, style and color of blazer is pure magic! It makes you look powerful and classy without too much effort. That is why you should pay attention to it. These are three statement blazers every man should have in his wardrobe.

  1. The Light Blue Blazer: blazer for any man
    I always tell any man who wants to wear blue that navy blue is the safest type of blue any man can wear, easily. It always turns out great on any man. The popular Hudson jacket is an example of a good .The textured birdseye weave is  so versatile that  it can be worn with a tie. You can also flip it up and wear a tee shirt.

  2. The Tux: Statement-blazer-Tom-Ford-tux

    The tux is actually more expensive than your regular blazer. This is usually because the style, texture and quality is quite different. Look for one that exudes charm and class. I like Tom Ford because it does exactly that his signature wide peak lapels, satin lining and silk-mix shell.

  3. The Flashy jacket: reiss

    The flashy blazer is so flashy that you have to pair subtly with other clothing items. An example of a flashy blazer is Reiss’ ‘Calcium’ blazer has a Gatsby vibe to it, with its sharply structured silhouette, cut from a patterned wool-silk cloth.

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