4 Reasons a Sex Worker Can Never be a Substitute for a Real Girlfriend real couple

So a friend was complaining about his “regular”. He wanted to make her into a girlfriend and it was beyond preposterous. I couldn’t believe how much energy he was investing on the sex worker who he paid for each time she came around. I told him he had to get a real girlfriend. That was when I got the idea for this post.
A prostitute is a prostitute. There are some things you just can’t get from her. Let’s look at this four.

1. Bargaining Kills Libido:

Bargaining before sex is one big libido killer. And they don’t ask for payment in sexy ways. They are razz , cold and ceremonial about. Even the seemigly poshest of girls “shines ” her eyes for her money when the time comes. It just killings your libido or drastically reduces it. No love for free.

2. Crazy Rules during Sex:

Intimacy with your girlfriend is love making. Even if you don’t love her, the feeling is different.
A whore? Yes she will do crazy things if you PAY her to, but even at that, the words she utters are just killing. “Abeg if you put your hand for there na extra money”, “Abge do quick quick your time go soon finish.” Even when they are moaning it so obvious that they are doing it to make you come- it sound guttural.

3. No Emotional Succor:

You know those moments when you are down and need someone to talk to? You better not call that prostitute- The only thing that line is for sex . Sometimes, when you need a friend ,you better be calling your guys. When you need someone to talk to and goof around the with the only way you can only do with a babe, you better be calling your imaginary friend. Love and comfort cannot be gotten from a prostitute.Only raw, emotionalless coition

4. It Gets Addictive:

Why? Because it’s way too easy to get the cookies(or in this case, dry crackers). Especially if you are not thinking of settling of down. When you get used to the easy sex that comes with prostitutes, you just find that you are not ready for the stress of having to hunt a girl, chase her and cajole her into being with you so you just go back to the prostitutes. So you get an olosho that demands for money each time you even dare to look at her. Even if your salary is not being wiped off on the regular, its all fun and games till you want to settle down and all you have around you is prostitutes.

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