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8 Random Yet Powerful Tips for a Life Filled With Satisfaction

Man Living a fulfilled life
Satisfaction is relative.However the feeling is the same.It is having all your needs- whether emotional, physical, mental etc all taken care of.

The interesting thing is that it does not have to out of this world- These are little things you can do that will ultimately lead to you living a satisfied life.

  1. Sit In Silence For at least 10 Minutes Each Day:
    The craziness in the cities of Nigeria- especially Lagos-makes it really hard but you can make this happen. It is important because this is a perfect time to put things in perspective and also come up with great ideas.



2.  Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously:
Being serious every time of the day will only make you age quickly.Relax- life is not that serious



3.You Don’t Have to Win Every Argument:

When is arguments, agree to disagree- most times the relationship is more important than winning the argument.


4. Spend Time With People Over 70 & Under the Age of 6:
People over 70 are filled with a lot of wisdom and expeiences- plus they are willing to share it with you. Kids under the age of 6 are carefree and do not hold on to grudges.You need both attributes to truly be fulfilled.


5. Sleep for 8 Hours a Day:
When not possible at least sleep for 6 hours.

6. Read More Books Than You Did Last Month:
By the end of the year, you would be surprised at how many books you would have read.


7. No One Is In Charge of Your Happiness But You:

Once you truly internalize this fact, you would stop waiting for external factors to make you happy.

8.Call Your Family Often:

At the end of the day , it is family and not work that brings true satisfaction.


Illustration Source: Facebook/DailyHealthGen.

Featured Image: John Boyega/HuffingtonPost

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