{Picture Guide} The Easiest Way to Fold a T-Shirt You’ll Ever See

fold-tee-shirtsSometime ago, we looked at 3 simple ways to pack a shirt when traveling. Today lets take a look at the easiest way to fold a T-shirt.
Sometimes our wardrobes/ traveling boxes are filled with crumpled clothes. You can change that by learning this 5-step trick.

1. Place the T-shirt on a flat surface. It should face up.


2. Visualize a horizontal line running exactly through its middle. Imagine another running vertically down from the centre of the left shoulder seam. Pinch the material with your left hand where the two lines meet.


3. Take the centre of the shoulder seam with your right hand then cross your right hand over the left, bringing the fabric with you, and grab the base of the garment at the other end of that vertical line.


4. Uncross your hands, keeping hold of the material, and shake flat.


5. Lower the T-shirt back on to the surface such that the left sleeve tucks underneath. Stash in your closet.


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Illustrations Source: GQ


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