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Best Online Shopping Sites for Menswear in Nigeria

Online shopping has taken over generic shopping in Nigeria. A lot of sites have sprouted that have become trusted places for men to get what they want. But which are the best?

It is a very good thing for every man to look perfect, handsome and manly. It good to be seen anywhere and anytime and be seen looking great. However, to meet this feat, there are some things every man should learn to have. These things would not only make him presentable, they would also boost his ego and morale. Such things are men’s clothes, good belts, fanciful wristwatches, modern and cute ties, lapel, rose, pins etc. These things are so many that if you decide to go shopping it would take forever to get. But since, you do not necessarily have to buy all in a day, we have listed out some of the best online stores you can get any thing as regarding to your clothing.


At, we are particularly interested in seeing every man being the best. We hope that after you visit these sites, you would have a good reason to be pick. So this list contains stores in Nigeria and abroad.Let’s delve in!

  1. Obeezi: They sell fashion items such as Clothes, Shoes, Accessories etc.Upon entering the site, you will see the categories at the top and this categories are shoes, watches, Fragrances, Sunglasses, accessories; Women Fashion; New Arriva. Then, you will be able to check out the deal of the day in different categories- Men’s wear, Shoes, Fragrance, Accessory. Then you will see their picks. Now this their picks are clothes from different Nigerian fashion designers.
  2. Ajebo Market: Ajebo market is a market place owned by Ajiri Ibrahim, and was started in 2014. The online store was made in such a way that you would find variety of wears there. It was meant to cover for any type of wears- official wear,s casual wears, etc.The categories are in different places. When you enter the online store, you will see a slide of exceptionally beautiful shoes being  displayed. Then, you would see a pane for new arrival and their different prices. Then you would see recommended products and the ones that are currently on sales.
  3. Jay osbie: they also deal in men’s cloth. They concerned with you men looking good. They have different types of clothes for different occasions. At Jayosbie, you are first met with the categories. You will see cloth where different beautiful clothes would be on the display. Then you would see unique slippers made of leather etc. Then, the next pane is ‘Fashionable Bags’ ,and then, Impressive shirts. Immediately you slide up, you would be faced with the baddest jeans in the game. Afterwards you will see the featured clothes. They are known because they deliver their products withing 48hours. Many have vouched for their products and delivery time.
  4. Jumai Men Fashion: At Jumai online store, you are pricked with the best products, where you would be exposed to great collections of clothes etc. Then, you would see top picks.  After that, you would be exposed to the place you can pick different suits, Jeans, boots and sweatshirts. Aftward, you will see the pane that shows the favorite picks of the day.  Following that would be the extremely cute Formal shirts and  polo shirts. The place is then open to different opportunity etc. There is a fascinating aspect of the store for those whose budget is to get clothes lesser than 5k.
  5. Konga Fashion: This has three major categories Best match, Low-high, Filter. This store is a product of Konga online store. Their products are of good quality and their delivery time is amazing.
  6. Uk2Me: this a gateway to the world of online shopping from USA as well as UK. Through this store, you will get the chance to get the best of items that are sold in the UK and USA.At the store, you would get access to see beautiful shoes , clothes and various accessories that would fascinate you. Also, you would be opened to games, healthcare products, electronic, toys, home wares and lot more.They deal with different UK top online brands like Marks and Spencer, Gucci, House of Fraser, Matalan, Next. And US stores like Walmart, Amazon, Ebay, Neiman.With them, you can get men’s wear that you love from any of the stores abroad.
  7. MRP: This store is another one you should look at when you need Men’s store. They believe that fashion is designed for everyone and in that vein they have provided every necesary methods they can to get your preferred clothing. At this stores, you would be open to see the new arrivals and after you have gotten what you want to buy, they would give you a tracking code. With this tracking code, you can follow up on whatever product you buy from them.
  8. Payporte: This store also is involved in the sale of clothes and men’s accessories. The range of the prices of their products range from N1000 to lots more.They give products of different styles including caps, sunglasses, wristwatches etc. (See also Things You did not know about payporte founder Mr Bassey)
  9. Asos: At asos, you can be assured to get good and trendy clothings.Before the naira’s value depreciated, it used to be every guy’s favourite.But people still shop there. The good thing about the store is that they give free delivery no matter where you are. The first sets of clothes you would see are suits of different types. Then, you would be exposed to new trends of clothes. Going down, you would see Looped, a place to shop for sneakers and streetwear.At the end of the website, you would be exposed to stylish dressings for different seasons.They also open the store to carter for tall guys as well as fat guys who might find it hard to get their size of clothes.Now that you have known this stores, ensure you work on clothing style. Improve what you wear, be dynamic and try new things. It would not hurt you to try something dynamic.

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