{Wrist Watches} 5 Watch Wearing Tips Every Nigerian Man Should Know


1. Have an old but working Wristwatch? Consider Swapping Straps:

Its surprising how different wristwatches look when you fix a new strap. You can also play around with the colour. All you have to do is measure the width on the strap in millimeters and shop for a replacement. Or simply take it to a well-equipped wristwatch shop and its done!.

2.  Want your watch strap to last longer? Get one with a deployant clasp:

That way you wont have to constantly bend the straps which has an effect on its life

3. How Do you know a watch may be too large or small for you wrist?

The lugs or end of a watch case should never extend beyond the edge of your wrist. No matter how large the watch is, it should not appear to be larger in diameter than your own wrist. Comparatively, a watch is too small if the lugs or end of the case done come close to reaching the end of your wrist.

4. You Need to be able to Read Your Watch :

When you want to get a new wristwatch, make sure you can read it before paying. Make sure the hands (hours, minutes etc) are the right proportional length.Also make sure that the hands contrast very well with the dial so that you can see them easily in many lighting situations and angles. If you don’t you may be stuck with a  wristwatch you will hardly use.

5. You Need Different Wristwatches for Different Occasions:

Invest in them. The right wristwatch for the office is well different from the one for sports.Always have them handy for each type of occasion.



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