List of International Commercial Banks in Nigeria

International banks in Nigeria
International banks in Nigeria

There are quite a number of banks in Nigeria. However, how many of them are truly international? How many are in various parts of the world and will be able to cater to and international client’s needs?This is what this article is about!

Banks generally are financial institutions or corporations which provide services that allow customers to save or retrieve their money and other valuable items that they can easily make use of each time they need it.

The primary work of bank is to aid the customer with saving and withdrawing of money, but banks also help customers in carrying out different kind of financial transactions which may vary from airtime recharge, purchase of items, crediting third-party account etc. within and outside their locations.

Top Best Commercial Banks In Nigeria

Some banks can be used within the shores of the country while others have an international authorization that allows their customers to carry out financial transactions internationally.

On this article, we are going to be looking at the lists of international banks in Nigeria and how well they offer good services to their customers.

  1. Access Bank Plc.: Access Bank Plc is commonly referred to as Access Bank by most people in Nigeria. The bank is a multinational financial institution that offers a different kind of banking services that varies from saving and withdrawal of money as well as valuable items. The bank is among the five largest banks in the country as they offer both local and international services. They have their license from the national banking regulator known as the Central Bank of Nigeria. Their banking services range from savings, loans, Mortgages, credit cards, asset management, investments and branch network.
  2. Diamond Bank Plc Diamond Bank Plc is a Nigerian multinational financial service provider and one of Nigeria’s fastest growing retail banks.Diamond Bank as it is commonly called enhances customer experiences and enterprise financial addition through modernization and technology that is rated way beyond just ordinary banking.Apart from being a financial institution they offer filled series of banking products and services in retail, business, and corporate banking segments.
  3. Fidelity Bank Plc: Fidelity Bank as commonly called is also known as Fidelity Bank Plc., is a Nigerian commercial bank that offers a different kind of bank services that ranges from depositing, withdrawal to the acquisition of loans.The bank is licensed with international authorization by the national banking regulator and the Central Bank of Nigeria. They offer lots of convenient services which includes electronic banking and bank services can be reached in many parts of the world.
  4. First City Monument Bank Plc: First City Monument Bank Plc is a financial institution that offers large financial services in Nigeria and they have also extended their banking services from the shores of Nigeria to the United Kingdom. They are commonly known by all Nigerians as FCMB. They have within the past years and presently offering their customers with corporate banking, retail banking, and investment banking services to large corporations, medium and small businesses, as well as individuals.They operate on foreign fixed deposit accounts that give their customer a very huge return on any FX deposits.
  5. First Bank of Nigeria Ltd: First Bank of Nigeria Limited is known simply by most people as the first bank. As the name implies it is the first and foremost bank in Nigeria.First Bank has international authorization with over 10 million active customer accounts and more than 750 business locations.Their services range from comprehensive retail and corporate financial services to their customers and shareholders. They cut across the whole of Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East allowing their customers traveling to these locations have a good and comfortable banking transaction.
  6. Guaranty Trust Bank Plc: Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria. It is also known by many as GTB but the most common name people used in calling the bank is GTB. GTB is a multinational financial institution with international banking services that provide customers with different services which include internet/online banking, corporate banking, asset management services, and investment banking
  7. Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.: Union Bank of Nigeria is a commercial bank and financially based in Nigeria that offers different banking services and has branches across the federation.They also have international banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria that allow their customer to carry out all kind of transactions from a different part of the world.
  8. United Bank for Africa Plc: United Bank for Africa is among the banks in Nigeria that offers incredible banking services. They are a leading pan-African financial services group and the headquarters is based in Nigeria.The bank which is commonly referred to as UBA is not just a leading bank but one of the best and most resilient banking group in the whole of Africa.UBA’s international recognition is proof of its operations in twenty African countries and offices in three world-renowned financial cities which include New York, London, and Paris.
  9. Zenith Bank Plc: Zenith bank as commonly called is a renowned commercial and multinational financial institution that has its base in Nigeria, which allows customers to carry out transactions internationally.Zenith Bank’s specialized financial services such as a loan, grants, mortgage, and pension management make them unique. Their primary businesses include Commercial and Consumer Banking, Personal and Private Banking, Treasury and Cash Management Services, Corporate and Investment Banking, Trade Services and Foreign Exchange, and Other Non-Bank Financial Services mainly through subsidiaries.

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