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How To Tighten Your Vagina With Vinegar

tighen vagina with Vinega

With a simple and cheap household item like Vinegar, you are on your way to a tight and healthy vagina! One of the most common, yet, seldom talked about causes of infidelity in relationships (marriage, courtship, boyfriend/girlfriend or casual dating) is a loose vagina. In marriages, for example, a woman who goes through pregnancy and childbirth hardly maintains the same vagina tightness due to the maximum muscle stretch which the vagina goes through during childbirth.

It is embarrassing for most women or ladies to openly acknowledge that they have loose vaginas, thereby allowing their relationships to suffer in silence. The men, on the other hand, also feel too embarrassed to tell their women that they should look for solutions to their loosed vagina. This has led to many men, jumping from one woman to another, searching for sexual satisfaction. It is worth mentioning that women with a loose vagina do not also enjoy sex the way they use to, because of less friction during penetrative sexual intercourse. This has an overall negative impact on such a woman and her relationship in general, due to low self-esteem which can result from a loose vagina.

The vagina is a very sensitive female organ, therefore, in this article, great care and time have been taken to enlighten the womenfolk (and men too) on how to tighten the vagina using a naturally safe method. No cream, soap or any expensive treatment is required. This is a solution that can be applied at home. It does not require a medical practitioner or expert to apply these remedies. Only one ingredient is required – vinegar, that’s all. To tighten your vagina with vinegar is very safe. Below are the methods used to tighten your vagina with vinegar.

Bath With Vinegar for a Tight Vagina

Bathing with vinegar has been around for many years. Basically, the idea stems from the fact that vinegar is known as an astringent. What this means is that vinegar causes the skin and other body tissues to contract.

To use vinegar for bathing, simply add two to three cups of vinegar solution in your bath water and sit in the water for about twenty to thirty minutes. After that, take your bath with the vinegar solution.

Advantages of Vinegar Bath for a Tight Vagina

Aside from the obvious fact that vinegar baths tighten the vagina, it also neutralizes vaginal odor. Vaginal odor is very embarrassing and can, in all likelihood, lead to low self-esteem for the woman suffering from it. On the other hand, a nice smelling vagina indicates a healthy vagina and is very likely to lead to a healthy self-esteem, healthy relationships, and overall good health of the woman.

Vinegar Douche for a Tight Vagina

Vinegar douching can be used to keep the vagina clean, fresh, free of infections, and smelling nice. It also restores the tightness and elasticity of the vaginal wall and as well as balances the pH level of the vagina.

Regular use of vinegar douching is capable of restoring the suppleness, elasticity as well as the strength of the cervical walls. Impurities are what causes the cervix to develop a bad odor, unhealthy inner walls and becomes weak of an extensive period of time. Vinegar douching is both a natural and hygienic way of keeping the cervical walls clean and healthy. This cleanliness is achieved as the vinegar douche eliminates bacterial infections and removes any residue from menstrual discharge.

How To Prepare And Use Vinegar Douche

  • Pour one part vinegar into two parts water
  • Fill a squeeze bottle or douche pouch with the solution
  • Get into a bathtub or shower
  • Carefully insert the tip of the squeeze bottle into your vagina
  • Gently squeeze the bottle or douche pouch to spray the vinegar solution into your vaginal cavity
  • Continue to squeeze until the liquid has finished rinsing the vagina
  • You can bathe immediately afterward or simply rinse the outside area of the vagina with mild soap and warm water
  • Clean the bottle and store it for future use until you achieve the vaginal tightness you desire

Drinking Vinegar for a Tight Vagina

Drinking vinegar is a good method to tighten your vagina, although it takes a longer time for any positive effect to show. The vinegar to use for this method is apple cider vinegar (AVC). For best results, it is strongly advised that you consume vinegar at least once every two days.

How To Prepare And Drink Vinegar

In other for this method (drinking of apple cider vinegar) to be effective:

  • Simply mix a few tablespoons of honey with a portion of apple cider vinegar and drink regularly
  • Thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water after drinking the apple cider vinegar solution. This will protect your teeth from the high acidic contents in the solution due to the presence of marinade in apple cider vinegar.

Advantages of Drinking Vinegar

Below are some of the advantages of drinking vinegar:

  • One of the greatest known benefits of drinking vinegar is that it balances the pH of your vagina
  • Vinegar also detoxifies the vagina

Vinegar has a rather harsh taste. So, if the taste does not suit you, you can include it in some of your favorite meals.

Among the methods involved in tightening the vagina discussed so far, this drinking of vinegar method takes longer, however, it has proven to show the best of results.

Precautions When Using Vinegar To Tighten Your Vagina

As earlier mentioned, the vagina is a very sensitive female organ; therefore, great care has to be taken when applying any remedy to this delicate body part. For this methods to be of any benefit to you, kindly observe the following precautions:

  • Under no circumstances should you apply vinegar directly to your vagina. Doing so does not bring about the desired tightness, rather, it causes dryness, possible itching sensation, vaginal discharge, and pain in your buttocks
  • Always remember to immediately drink a cup of warm water after drinking the vinegar solution. The acidic nature of marinade corrodes the teeth making them weak with time.
  • Excess douching can lead to dryness of the vagina thereby leading to cancer.

In conclusion, artificial methods of tightening vagina may appear to produce a quick result, but the negative after-effect may not be desirable. Using vinegar has the advantage of being free of chemicals, and vinegar contains natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties with which it fights bacterial infections and vaginal odors. The methods outlined herein are both effective and efficient in restoring the tightness, elasticity, and strength of the vagina, thereby restoring a healthy self-image, and the overall wellbeing of the woman.

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