How to Clear GOTV Error Codes; “GOTV E16” or “GOTV E30 from your Decoder


Gotv is one of the most used paid TVs in Nigeria- even more than their sister company DSTV.

It is more affordable, easy to install  and gives you most of what you need- if you are not too demanding.

A big problem therefore arises when you get annoying error codes on your screen instead of your beloved channel.

Let’s take a look at the easy ways to clear the common Error Code.

There are 3 main ways.

Usually when you see error codes- E16 or E32, it is because your GOTV has expired. However, if it has nos.t or you have paid and it does not automatically clear, try ou t one of these three way

1. Use Mobisite

Simply Visit the website http://eazywap.gotvafrica.com/en/ng/

I have already selected Nigeria as the country but if you are in another country, by all means change it.You will see different options. One of them says  “CLEAR ERROR CODES”. Click on it after which you will see a prompt  requesting for you IUC number. You can find your IUC number at the back of your decoder if you don’t know it already.

Type it in and send. Once you do that, you can now type in your captcha number (they do this to avoid spam)..

Select the error code you are getting- If it is the GOTV E16 Error code or the GOTV E30 Error Codes.

Once you click and send, Voila! Your problem is solved.

Easy as abc!

2. Use Your Remote Control:

To Do this , go to Menu on your remote control. Then navigate to GOeasy Self Service.

On your screen you will see options. One of them is “CLEAR ERROR CODES”.

Click on it and type in your IUC number.

Click on the

3. Use USSD Number

Take your mobile phone, dial your country’s USSD number. (Nigeria’s GOTV USSD Number is *288#.)

Send and a prompt will come up. Type in you IUC number.

Then select Main Menu.

After which you  select “CLEAR EROR CODES”

Select the code you want to clear and voila!

Gotv Call Centre Number

There are different ways to reach DSTV/ Gotv. One of the more personal ways is to call their customer car number. The phone numbers vary- depending on where you are calling from.
If you are calling from Abuja the number to cal is 08039003789. On the other hand, if you are in Lagos, their phone number is 08039003788. The general Customer care line for Africa is (+22-11) 289 2266. Do call them to sort out any issue you may have.

Gotv Subscription Cheat

If you are looking to find out Gotv/DSTV’s subscription cheat so you can watch for free, you have come to the right place. First you need to understand that GoTV is a subscription based service. Secondly , they are the more affordable variety of DSTV. So to make use of GOTv, you have to pay your monthly subscription fee.

Gotv Payment Code & Activation

The GoTv payment code is *737*37*AMOUNT*GOTV IUC NUMBER#.

How to Reset GoTv After Payment

If you are wondering How can i reset my Gotv decoder after payment, here’s the answer!-
Usually you do not have to do any special thing after payment.You Gotv automatically resets and starts working. This is especially true if you left your decoder on while paying. If , however, your decoder does not reset automatically. Take this steps

Reset your Gotv Decoder After Payment Using your Phone

  • Simply pick up your phone, type out “Reset*IUC Number* and send as a text message to 4688.The full meaning of IUC number is Identity User Code. Every decoder comes with a unique IUC number. To find yours , look under your decoder. You will find yours printed on a red sticker.

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