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How to Clean Your Keyboard| In 5 easy steps



Most people use their keyboard for years without cleaning them. That is why a lot of them are teeming with bacteria which are indirect causes of sicknesses and diseases.

So how do you clean your keyboard with ease? Here’s 5

Step One

Cut the Power Source:
Unplug your keyboard or remove batteries if it is wireless

Step Two

There are different ways to do this.
You can run a small soft-bristled dusting brush along the top of the keyboard.

You can also use a small hand held vacuum cleaner to suck up dust particles.
If you don’t have access to a vacuum cleaner, use a can of air.

Step Three

Remove Dirt and Grime:
For traditional keyboards, gently remove keys and wash them in warm water and dish soap.
A toothbrush can help scrub away messes.
For laptop keyboards, gently remove keys with your fingernail or a small flathead screwdriver

Once  keys are removed, vacuum any particles stuck  under the key.

Step Four


Look for a disinfectant that is electronics friendly

See the infographic for the rest


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