How to Bet On UBC365 (A Step by Step Guide)

How to Bet On UBC365(A Step by Step Guide)The world of sports betting happens to be a multibillion investment with it prevailing in almost every nation state you can think off. The young and the old similarly have a lot to play in this as many are registered participants of numerous sports betting enterprises and regulate which or which not to play on dependent on odds evaluations.


One of the easiest betting platforms of all to bet on is and below is a step by step guide for newbies;

  • Go to your web browser and in the URL provided space, input
  • Click on the Register button to advance to the next page
  • Fill in your details as required (name, phone number, address, state etc.)
  • Thick the box to agree with the terms and conditions
  • Next is to verify if or not you are a robot by sliding the button from left to right and clicking on it
  • After all that is done, click on Register
  • Confirm your registration with the email sent to your registered email address
    With that done in the first stage, it is time to advance to stage two which involves you crediting your account as you would not be able to place bets without money to stake with on the platform.
  • At the top right, beside your profile head, you would see a column with 0.00 NGN
  • Clicking on it brings out a list of options so look out for deposit and click on it
  • You advance to another page where you are told to input your telephone number as well as the amount you want to credit your account with (inclusive of a 1.5% fee)
  • When you confirm your number and amount you wish to credit, you then advance to a page where all your details are previewed with an option below to choose card of choice to credit your account with (Supports Verve, MasterCard, Visa).
  • You are then required to put in the OTP number sent to your registered number to confirm transaction
  • Congratulations, you have successfully credited your betting account.

Moving on to stage three on betting on the platform, after all of the above been carried out, now is the time to select your games accordingly to your predictions of choice.

On, there are quite a number of available markets to select from while placing bets on the platform- from straight team wins to total number of goals amongst other options.


Bets could be placed in different ways dependent on that of choice. Below are a list of betting options on;

  1. Single bets
  2. Chain/System bets
  3. Express/Quick bets

Single bets: Single bets are bets containing only one game in the betting ticket. This is an easy betting type as you only need to predict the outcome of one game and if it is right, the odds are multiplied with your stake and credited to you accordingly.

For example: Arsenal (W1) 2.05 odds – Chelsea (W2) 3.00 odds

If I stake 2000.00NGN for Arsenal to win and they win, I would be credited 2000.00NGN x 2.05 odds = 4100.00NGN.

Chain/System bets: This is also known as accumulator or permutation of games featuring the presence of at minimum 3 game events. The possible winning is calculated by multiplying the odds coefficient with the amount been staked to give a total.

Express/Quick bets: This betting type actually consists of a minimum of two game events but its needed form is a win of the total selected events. The coefficients is the multiplication of each of the odds with your stake to get a total for your possible winnings.


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