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Fleet of Cars: Pictures of Don Jazzy’s Expensive that Are Luxury Redefined

Being in the Nigerian music industry means one thing- your car park better be popping! And yes the Don Baba himself- Don Jazzy- does not fail to impress us constantly with his enviable fleet of cars.

From the escalades, to the Aston martins, Don Jazzy rocks the best cars ever. He sometimes ensures that he brands them in his lucrative record label’s name- MAVIN other time, they go unbranded.

A lot these cars go for  tens of millions of naira and are the envy of every car lover in th countr.

Take a look at some of his prized possessions.

fleet-of-cars-pictures-of-don-jazzys-expensive-that-are-luxury-redefined-1 fleet-of-cars-pictures-of-don-jazzys-expensive-that-are-luxury-redefined-2 fleet-of-cars-pictures-of-don-jazzys-expensive-that-are-luxury-redefined-3 fleet-of-cars-pictures-of-don-jazzys-expensive-that-are-luxury-redefined-4 fleet-of-cars-pictures-of-don-jazzys-expensive-that-are-luxury-redefined-5 fleet-of-cars-pictures-of-don-jazzys-expensive-that-are-luxury-redefined-6

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