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Want to be an Excellent Public Speaker? These Simple 9 Steps will Help You public Speaking
Talking in front of a camera or in front of an audience is nothing to be afraid off as long as you are prepared.

So how do you prepare?These steps will help you.

  1. Plan REAL Speech:

    REAL here is an acronym for Relevant, Eloquent, Articulate and Learned.
    See a clear break down of the meaning and relevance of this acronym  in infographic below

  2. 9 Guaranteed Ways to Make an Impact:

    After you have done your planning. You will need to get a clear hand of the 9 guaranteed ways to make an impact. First, you need a dramatic, sharp opening with a challenging question. An example? “Everybody close your eyes, raise your hands if you have ever being rude to anyone” (Scroll down to infographic to learn more)

  3. 4 Things to Do 24Hrs before the Speech:

    After getting a hang of the ways to make an impact, there are four things you need to do 24 Hrs before the speech. One of them is to rehearse well until you’re familiar with.
    Take a look at the infographic below for the tips that will completely change the way you approach public speaking for good.


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