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“Each droplet takes five minutes of painting” Hyper Realism Artist, Oresegun Olumide Shares the Step By Step Secret Procedure for Making Paintings Exactly Like His

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A few weeks ago we talked about Oresegun Olumide, the hyper realism artist whose work had gone viral. Read it here if you missed it.
In a fresh interview, he has opened the door to show us the secrets to his art.

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He explains the process of creating his work and also share advice to people who want to become successful artistes like him
According to him
“It takes a long time to get a finished work out of the studio. At times while painting I get bored so I leave it and move on to something else.”
• There are layers upon layers of colours that I used on this piece.
• It takes thousands of layers of paint strokes to achieve this result.
• After which I try to achieve the translucent look of water then work on the water droplets.
• Each droplet takes five minutes of painting to be achieved. And some take longer depending on how big the droplets are.
• As a realist artist at times a month plus and at times two months depending on the intricacies involved, mind you I am not working on a piece just to sell, my name will be engrossed on it and that is more important to me than the money I will be paid. So I should be able to put my soul and heart into it.
Advice to Upcoming Artists
“They should be focused in what they are doing and believe that they can achieve greatness. Be focused because passion comes with money but passion and hardwork first. With that they can be better than me.”
Naij has the full interview

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