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7 Things You Should Know About David Uzochukwu, The 17 year old Austrian Nigerian Photographer


David Uzochukwu was born to a Nigerian father and European mother. Though relatively young, he has done amazing in the photography scene worldwide.

These are interesting things you should know about him

  • He received recognition from photosharing site Flickr, camera manufacturers Canon
  • In 2014 he won Photographer of the Year from photography community EyeEm
  • He takes photos for The Paris Opera, Adobe Photoshop and Yale School of Art.
  • Adobe commissioned twenty-five visual artists to create a piece in honour of Photoshop’s 25th anniversary and he was one of them.
  • He has created visuals for The Paris Opera (Opéra Nationale de Paris).
  • His photos shows his love for bold colours and his yearning from freedom.
  • He is a big defender of intersectionality and cares about anything that keeps someone from living the best life they possibly could.
  • His newer works portrays people that are being discriminated against at different levels. Through this, their stories are being told.

See some of his works below





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