These Confidential Confessions by Prostitutes of their Diabolical Practices will Shock You


Whether patronizing prostitutes is your style or not, these confessions will shock you. They do not only use diabolical means to get customers, they get involved in even more shockingly wicked practices.

An investigative journalist of Southern City News headed into the popular Umunede community in Delta State to get highly confidential secrets from these prostitutes.

This is an excerpt from the many things they said.

One of the prostitutes confesses;

“We have to visit native doctors when we discovered that business was dwindling. About 20 of us operating here bought the charm for N20, 000 each. It is called ‘men follow me’ and it has been working for us.”Also, the sperm in the used condoms were specially packaged in cellophane bags and taken to native doctors to prepare other forms of charms for the sex workers, aside the ‘men follow me’ charm”.

Another commercial sex worker, Mary, said: “To get this charm prepared, the native doctors will demand for pubic hair, 21 native chalks, 21 cowries , finger nails and used pants which they use in preparing powder that would be applied on their faces before going out at night to get customers. These charms are prepared for N20, 000 and after making some money, we will buy two bottles of dry gin to thank the native doctors.”

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