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Why do Women Cheat? These Revealing Cheating Confessions by these Women will Shock You


Why would the woman in a man’ s life cheat on him? Its even hard to believe that some of these ladies cheat. That’s until you read what these ladies said about them cheating on their lovers. Its unbelievable!


Eggs in Different Baskets

That was before marriage. I didn’t want to put all eggs in one basket. Can’t think or try such now when I have the best hubby ever.

One Night of “awesome”

During NYSC, I cheated on my ex with a corper friend turned lover. One night of awesome…and I was hooked! I turned oliver twist and kept going back for more! Needless to say my ex caught me on one of his visits to my base in the East . Choi, the guy was so in love -he begged me not to leave when I asked to leave knowing fully well the relationship can never be the same. Long story short I had to end the relationship. Anytime we argue even when it’s not related he would always bring the cheating issue up. Then he went ahead to cheat too, I was not really bothered that he cheated because truthfully I was not in love with him. In all I learnt my lesson

Emotional Cheater

Hmmm….I recently cheated on my partner emotionally but that was because I noticed he cheated too. I was lonely but there was no sex involved though. But we have both forgiven each other and ready for a fresh start. Sometimes u can’t help not cheating when you r lonely and not given adequate attention although it is wrong to cheat.

Revenge Cheating

Oh yes I did!!!!! And it was because my ex boyriend was a fucking abusive and hyper jealous guy!! And he has so many female friends, always escorting them home, to go and pray I guess. He hit me at d slightest opportunity…the first and last guy to hit me…I still have some of his scars on my chest and hand…he hit me and I literally went blank for about 5secs..I withdrew into my shell and became a very angry person which wasn’t me.And then I met this muslim guy, who still is my good friend, he loved me silly, the only problem was religious differences. He had no problem with mine, but I knew my mom would do tarry night that would either leave him maimed or dead…just kidding lol, but my mom would send me to heaven on speed dial before she sees me marry him….but he was good to me. ..

Even Women want variety too
Yes, I am guilty…I cheated on my boyfriend. We had been dating for about 3 years. I was tired of having one dick for the past three years so I tired another one. I regretted it, the sex was so wack, the guy’s dick was just so small… I am okay with my boyfriend’s own, no more ojukokoro


The Rebound guy
Yes I have cheated. And I have been cheated on countless times! The one guy I cheated on was Adeyinka! I really wasn’t into him. I just went into the relationship because I had a bad breakup with my ex and i needed to get over him. Adeyinka was available, single and he was doing well and to top it all was on my case seriously. We started dating and fast forward to 3month my ex came calling and I lied when he asked if I was dating anyone…..Anyways we had sex and got back together and I broke things off with Adeyinka.


Faithful Forever

As unusual, untruthful and unbelievable as it may sound but I can proudly and boldly say I have never cheated in any of my relationships before. I give my all and I date for long. Now don’t get me wrong that I have die hard toasters and admirers along the line. Some woo me with money and promises, telling me to leave my man that they would definitely be better, fine. But cheating sexually I haven’t done it before.


Ex Coming Back
Yes. I cheated on my current partner with my ex-boyfriend. At the time I was still in love with my ex, But that’s over now. I have ended it with my ex and totally committed to my current partner.


NYSC love

I have. I did that during my NYSC. i met this guy-very friendly not that handsome though . At least he made my service year memorable. Feelings weren’t attached. We started as friends always coming to my place. One evening like that, one thing just led to another and it happened. Since then we dey shack. To be serious the guy sabi fuck and besides d dick big i no go lie. I was also dating my present husband. Honestly i wish i could turn back the hands of time, I wouldn’t have done that God please forgive me


Abused into Cheating

Yes. I was in an abusive relationship, when i say abusive, I mean emotionally, physically, etc. He cheated on me severally and I kept staying. Till someone else gave me attention and I fell for him…now he sees me as a cheat and has asked us to part ways

Serial Cheat

I cheated well before I got married o. I tasted different things so as not to be a novice. All are things of the past now. I was in the world, I fuck client, landlord, boyfriend, younger boy, chei! Chris can service person, with him innocent face and long p*ick. Well all was because my so called boyfriend started the cheating spree. I warned him but he refused. I tell am say if I start my own, he no go see my shadow. I call it experience sha


Long Distance Relationship

I have cheated wella.. boo was doing his masters abroad and spent 2 more years working there. I knew he was cheating. Am I now the mumu to tie my legs like a mermaid because of him? Well, he came back 2years ago and I haven’t had any other dick aside from him since then. Ours was caused by distance. We are getting married soon and I can never think of cheating on my boo again.

I am cheating right now , because I’m so lonely in my relationship I’m not even in love with my boyfriend but he seems like the only one taking me seriously . He doesn’t do anything tangible for a living so why won’t I cheat

Hard Lessons
Back in the day I was a good girl. If I was dating someone my focus would be on that one guy. I won’t even give out my number to another guy talk less of cheating. I was faithful to a fault. And it clearly hasn’t helped me because I’m still single at 32 with my last relationship ending very badly. He had another girl unknown to me and he got married to this other lady without my knowledge. We were in different locations so I guess it was easier for him to hide. That relationship broke me and I’ve never been the same. Fast forward two years I am now dating 2 guys and yes I am sleeping with both. I have vowed to have no mercy on men. I have been cheated on over and over again by different men. I really don’t even see it as cheating. I have one guy based in PH while I have another in my state. I don’t even feel like I can marry any of these two but I am using them to while away my time. And if by chance I meet a 3rd guy! I will add him to my list. I have decided to have various men, at the end I choose whoever favours me. After all same thing was done to me. In the meantime my ex who dumped me and married someone else has been communicating that he misses me, we should continue where we left off. I actually miss him and I’m considering g it. He has promised me a car so I’m considering it. After draining his funds, I plan to scatter that his marriage, show his wife all sorts of evidence of the dog she’s married to. When I finish my revenge I will dump him just like he did me.


i have cheated before because i was dealing with an arsehole. I cheated with his friend and made sure he knew about it, told him to his face i was done with him. Choi! e pain the bastard sha…did i care? mtchewwww! when i finished with his best friend i dumped his sorry arse just when he started falling in love and was going to pop the will you marry me question. They were both birds of the same feather so i no need their type for hubby .At the moment I am engaged to the best guy one can ever wish for and i am so damn faithful. Love is beautiful


Certified cheat

I cheated wellaa before I got married because no man is really worth being faithful to. I did it for sex and money. The Sex was soooo good and crazy. I wish a married woman can comfortably cheat because my hubby is seriously messing up. I want to be kissed, hugged and touched in the right places.


Another Revenge

If i was told i would be cheating on hubby kai i won’t believe. He taught me how to cheat and i think I’m better at it . He is an unrepentant serial cheat. We were so close. I thought we were an unbeatable team. Can i name the girls. Them too plenty! Now i have an elderly man in his late fifties. so caring and loving. We kiss and fondle and speak for an hour every day at night when my husband is out there chasing girls up and down. What is good for the goose is definitely good for the gander

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