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Buying a Car? 10 Things You Should Look for


  1. Check the body for different paint colors or unusual welding.
  2. Check the tyre for cuts, scrapes, uneven wear and low thread.
  3. Make sure the brakes feel firm and the car doesn’t pull to one side when stopping
  4. Check that the locks,lights, electrics all work correctly.
  5. Monitor the exhaust emissions for signs of blue or black smoke.
  6. Make sure none of the lights are on
  7. Listen for unusual engine sounds as the car starts up
  8. Examine the seat belts for frays or cuts.
  9. Test the handbrake out on a slope to make sure it can hold the car.
  10. Check the clutch- if the biting point is high, it might need replacing.For more check infographic below.333

Car in Featured Image: 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

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