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The Step by Step Guide to Building Your Own Cheap Solar Charger

solar charge

Today you’ll learn how to build a cheap solar charger. Not only can it save you money, you can actually create a business from it!- if you are smart that it.

The process is a 6 step by step process that is suoer easy.

What are the Things You’l Need?

  1. USB Charging Circuit
  2. Solar Panel AV or greater
  3. AA Batttery Holder
  4. 1N914 Diode
  5. Mint Tin
  6. Wire


Wire Up the Solar

Soldier the diode’s positive side to the positive soldier point on the solar cell

Soldier a wire to the other end of the diode

Soldier a wire to the negative soldier point on the solar cell.

Add a layer of tape of protection



Connect the Battery Pack

See the rest in the infographic below.


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