Agbada Styles for Baby Boys

Agbada styles are timeless pieces that continue to trend in the Nigerian native styles scene.Not only are the grown style conscious men rocking it, the kids are now even stepping into the scene.These days people pay attention to what your child is wearing.In fact, they are a display of your love, care and wealth. Who does not like seeing a cute kid commanding presence?

Tips for Kids Wearing Agbadas

Just like it is with adults , kids wear agbadas only on special occasions. It can be to a wedding on any fancy event.It is not the outfit you put your child in during a casual outing.

  1. Easy on The Fabric: By this i mean both quantity and texture. When sewing an agbada for your baby boy try to go easy on the amount of fabric.For adults, we tend to go big on the fabric as it creates the regal look when the wearer spreads it out. For kids , you don’t do this. This because it becomes cumbersome- leading to falls, tears, frustration and even embarrassing situations.If you have a kid you know what i mean.Basically what you want to do is make as easy for them to wear as possible For texture- don’t go for hard textured fabrics.Choose fabric textures that will be easy on their skin.You don’t want them itching their skin till they develop sores.
  2. Play with Embroidery: If you really want you baby boy to stand out in his agbada, then ensure that the embroidery on the agbada is classy and flamboyant.That way your child looks great and is simultaneously comfortableAgbada Styles for Baby Boys white and gold
    Agbada Styles for Baby Boys (11)
    Agbada Styles for Baby Boys (10)
    cute Agbada Styles for Baby Boys

    Agbada Styles for Baby Boys yellow

    Agbada Styles for Baby Boys blue and cream
    white and black agbada
    Agbada Styles for Baby Boys (2) green and white
    Agbada Styles for Baby Boys (1) powder blue cofee

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