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8 Powerful Ways to Conquer Self-Doubt


We have all doubted ourselves at one point of our lives or the other. But self-doubt can be a major thief of opportunities and happiness.
How do we get out of this terrible mode? These tips will help out

1. Consider the Worst-Case Scenario:

Self-doubt are fuelled by catastrophic and often unrealistic expectations. Even if things go terribly, they are unlikely to be life-altering. Keeping things in perspective is crucial

2. Raise Self-Awareness:

If you can recognize situations that trigger self-doubt, you can do something about them. Ask yourself what you can do to become better. Then seek training or support to help you.

3. Practice Self-Compassion:

Being kind to yourself can help you develop emotional resilience. Recognize when you are being critical. Replace the negativity with positivity and remember that imperfection is a part of the human shared experience.

4. Stop Seeking Validation:

Seeking advice from others can be helpful. However, if you continually need other people’s opinions before you make decisions, you are weakening your faith in yourself.

5. Keep a Diary:

Writing down your feelings of self-doubt, followed by any evidence you have to support can help you see things more realistically. Although not a cure,examining the facts would help you realise your feeling early enough to help you take action.
See the rest in the infographic below

conquer self-doubt

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