8 Funny But Real Office Rules that Will Help you Get Ahead

1. Always look irritated, impatient and annoyed



You need to look like you are carrying the office’s load on your shoulders. That way you will seem really busy and neither your co-workers nor your the management will harass you. Also  walk firmly like you are rushing to save the world

2 . Your Desk Must Always be Messy



Always remember this– only top management can get away with a clean desk. The rest of us would look like we do not have much to do. Make sure your desk is piled up with lots of If you a neat freak, keep that beharviour for home.

3. Type on your computer whenever someone walks by or looks at you


pretend to work

Whether you are researching something important or just staring at the screen of the PC, unless you are typing away furiously at your keyboard, it won’t look like you are actually working! Type and look engrossed in what you are doing.
4. Always carry one or two documents around with you

This is a renowned tactic to having that look of a hard worker. For all your colleagues know, you could be carrying around blank papers!

5.  Smile at the boss, always

forced smile

Irrespective of how miffed you are at the boss, always give him or her a smile and a nod of the head. This shows a level of respect (even if you are cursing them under your breath!)

6.. Send emails at unearthly hours


How else would you create the impression that you are a workaholic? Make sure you send  (annoying)  mails  to wake your bosses up at odd hours of the day. Set an alarm for your nightly activity or simply schedule it

7. Never leave the office on time


You should try to leave the office at least 10 minutes after you’re ‘allowed’ to leave. This shows that you are not running out the door soon as the clock strikes 5pm!. If you must leave early, make sure you sneak out!

8. Creative Sighing for Effect

Sigh loudly when there are many people around, giving the impression that you are under extreme pressure.

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