7 Types of People You See at an ATM in Nigeria


Most of us use ATMS. If you regularly do,like I do, I am sure you would relate to this list. The ATM spot is usually a melty pot f different charactes. Some are hilarious some annoying and some are amazing. Lets take a look at 7 of such characters.

1.The Fast users:

These guys are amazing.T hey are super focused. They go to the ATM. Punch in their numbers, take their cash and they are out. Bigups guys! May you always be on my queue

2. The Fastidious Users:

These ones are super careful. They probably have heard numerous details of people losing money through ATM “scams” and want to be vigilant. They read every prompt as if it is brand new and gently punch each line while the hot sun roasts you waiting back.

3. The “Looters”

dj khaled
This is every ATM goers’ nightmare. Those ones who remind you of DJ Khaled? The limits placed on ATMS makes it worse. They withdraw the first N20,000 and do another one and another one and another one to the rising chorus of protest from the increasingly agitated crowd. When they sense the agitation, they sometimes look back and smile sheepishly.

4. The Balance Checkers:

These guys are great. Only problem is when the balance checker acts as if it is a license to jump the queue. Bro , no vex, join the queue.

5. The Ones with Great Faith:

These ones are pretty annoying. They keep “trying” even when they get the prompt that their issuer is inoperative. Really bro? you want to “try again”. Please let me withdraw first abeg.

6. The Beggars:

broke me
Is it only me or are they just all over Allen , Ikeja? The first time I fell like a mango tree. I actually gave the guy N1000 from my tiny N5000. It was only later I realized the guy resumes for duty at that spot every day. Choi. And the guy dey speak fone. On top the begging.

7. The Learners:


These guys would be fine (since we ll started somewhere). Only problem is when they feign ignorance. Spend forever there, t hen finally turn around and ask for help.! So you couldn’t just ask from the beginning abi? Na wa for you sir.

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