Personal Productivity

Are You Always Busy? These 5 Tips Will Help You Maximize Your Time super busyDaily we are inundated with numerous tasks that all seem to demand equal attention.It is easy to get overwhelmed. How do you deal with this without breaking down or reducing the quality of your output? These tips would help you!

1. Have a Single Purpose Focus:

Focus on what matters most.You can achieve a lot by focusing on the most important thing on your list.

2. Ruthlessly Block Out Distractions:

Concentrate on what is important by blocking out social media sites that steal your time.

3. Set a strict time limit on meetings:

Set a definite start and end time. If you are a boss, give them half of the time they ask for so that you can cram as much things as you can into a day.People tend to ask for more time than they really need.

4. Set Up Productivity Rituals

5. Get up Earlier:

Rising early gives you more time to sort things out for the day.Start with 15 minutes earlier and increase it slowly. how to be more productive




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