5 Excuses we Are Tired of Nigerian Girls Telling Us When we catch them Cheating

cheating liar

Don’t be deceived, a lot these girls aint loyal.

Sometimes you find out.

Sometimes you don’t.

But when you do, have you noticed how ridiculous the excuses are?

I’l give you five that are absolutely ridiculous


    1. It’s the devil’s Work

      Why do they always drag the devil into it please?Sometimes I picture the Devil screaming “”Jesus! It wasn’t me you liar!”

    2. I Don’t Know What Came Over Me

      You don’t know what came over you but you know what came into you right?

  • He Raped Me

A lot of girls are now lie using this  line.We  dont even know who to believe anymore.

Dig deep and you would be shocked to find that she seduced the guy and initiated sex

  • Are you Not Cheating Too

Oshey! Angel of remembrance- you didn’t know since . Its now it occurred to you that I cheated with Bisi one obscure night ions ago. What an excuse

  1. Because I can’t Keep all my eggs in a Basket

Ok.Since you are “Animashaun”, by all means distribute your eggs into all the baskets in Lagos.




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