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Bite into your Meal While Staring at Sharks etc| 4 Unusual Restaurants in Africa

Forget the fast food or even five star restaurants. Sometimes think unusual.Ever imagined eating on top of a rock? Under the water while live sharks swim around you? Take a look at these four!

1.La Tante DC 10 Restaurant La-Tante-Welcome-Aboard

La Tante DC restaurant, also known as the Green plane is the first aeroplane restaurant in Africa.


Seating 118 guests, the restaurant is situated in Ghana. At least once you can enjoy eating on an airplane


2. Eat in a Tree at The Baobab Limpopo in South Africa baobab

The tree has been carbon dated and its age is estimated to be 1,060 years, plus or minus 75 years


3. Eat on a rock at The Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar, Zambia

Formerly a fisherman post, you can reach it via foot if the tide is low and by boat if the tide is high.


4. Eat in the Cave at Ali Barbour Cave, Kenya: ali-barbour-s-cave-restaurant

Enjoy a meal in a cave.

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