4 Great Things you’ll Gain from having an Exercise Pal

two men

1. Accountability:

Consistence and accountability is key to reaching our fitness goals but if you are like me, it may be hard to be accountable to one’s self. You may not show up at the gym. Even when you do show up, you may not do the right types or number of routines you are supposed to. This is eliminated when you have a fitness buddy. You have someone else who keeps you accountable.

2. Someone to try news Things Out With:

Overtime, we settle for routines that we have been used to overtime. An exercise buddy brings in his own ideas which merge with yours. Whether it’s a new competitive sport, a fun and unique recreational physical activity, a group exercise class you’d be scared to do alone, or a weightlifting technique you haven’t tried, having a workout buddy can give you the push you need to get started with a new type of exercise. Varying your exercises not only relieves boredom, it allows you to strengthen different muscle groups.

3. You Now Always Have a Spotter:

This is especially when you do weight exercises. It is important that you have a spotter to prevent injury. Having an exercise pal will guarantee that you always have a spotter with you.

4. More Social Time & Work Out Time

You kill two beds with a stone. You get to socialize and reach your work-out goals.When you work out with a friend, you also benefit from camaraderie.

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