3 Simple Accessories that Make a BASIC Guy Look Like A Super-Model

well dressed man

Every smart and stylish guy knows there are certain things in a man’s wardrobe that can add that instant “”jazz” to you outfit.

It’s not always about the brand you are wearing, but also about those little things you can add to your outfit that would make it “pop”

Today, I’l gives you 3 little accessories that can turn  a drab outfit into a sharp look.

  1. Pocket Squares:

    pocket square

Done right, the pocket squares can turn a simple suit into a strong , sharp piece instantly.

A few tips

  • They should not match EXACTLY with the tie. The patterns can match though.
  • Silk fabric pocket squares are mainly for formal suits and its alright to try with other fabrics for casual suits.
  1. Cufflinks:



    Cufflinks are usually overlooked but can make a significant difference in your otfit .Look for one that says, class. Throw out that faded one you use because you think nobody notices-They do! It’s the first thing they see when you stretch out you hand for a handshake or to get something

  2. Collar Brooches:

    collar brooches
    Caveat- this is for the men who are not scared of looking stylish. Going for an event and want to look stylish without making an effort? Throw this on you simple shirt and you immediately look dressed up!


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