10 Types of People You Will See In a Club in Nigeria


1. The female advertisers:

  1. club in girl

These girls have “products” to sell and they make sure it is right in your face. You need to channel your inner meanness to get these ones out of your way.

2. Oga Boss:


They chill in a corner of the sofa/at the VIP section.Popping champagne, spending. And there’s always something annoying about the way they sip their expensive drinks. Maybe its the side eye your babe casts them as she grudgingly sips the glass of Chapman you bought her three hours ago.

3.The Male buyers/Admirers


They are the customers of the aforementioned female advertiser. The lewder the club is , the more excited they are.

4..The “Gra gra” dancers:

dancing awkward
This category of people  stand by the corner and watch people dance while they nod their heads and shaking their body. You assume they are killer dancers .But when the Dj provokes them with their best music and they display their dance step  you’d wonder “” so nah the dance be this ”

5.  Team homo


shaved up

6. . Gate Crashers

gate crasher
They know actually that one has to pay to gain entrance but you see them at the gate trying their luck..


7 . Spectators


Looku looku. Self-assigned judges.They  never participate in anything.Mostly girls because they have free entrance.

8. The Phone Zombies
texting freaks

Sorry the club is interrupting your pleasant time with your phone bro

9. The Wooers


They visit clubs to find girls to warm their beds for the night.

10. The Pick Pockets:

pick pockets

They “obtain” you if you get too carried away.


These guys wont stop us from going to the clubs though!


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