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10 Funny Signs You Should NOT Take that Job

If you have been looking for a sign on whether you should take that job or not, we will give you 10 signs you should look out for. Bro, if you see these signs, be rest assured that that job is not for you. Keep searching till you find the right one.

  1. You Notice High Turn-over:

    You go for an interview and notice that everyone at the office is new, but the business isn’t. Why is everyone leaving the business? it may be a sign that they do not treat their members of staff well.

  2. They Complain about their present staff:

    An interviewer while talking to you is busy complaining about his present staff.That is another red flag!He most likely in a domineering boss

  3. When you notice that a job is being advertised over and over:

    Its a warning sign.In a times like this, why does no one want their job?

  4. No Mention of a Path for Career Progression:

    It is probably a dead-beat job!
    See more in the infographic below; dont take it

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