“What Strange Shit these peeps Practice in the name of Sex.” Charles Novia Weighs in on Shocking Trend


A couple of days ago I shared the story of  a young lady who was ready to sleep with a man with HIV and try Coprophilia for money.

Earlier this morning, we also shared the disheartening story of man who was willing to sleep with another man for the price of a Mercedes.

Well veteran movie producer, Charles Novia has weighed  on this via his post on Facebook.

I first saw this story early this morning on twitter but I ignored it because it is repulsive.

However, on seconds thoughts, I have put up the screen shots here one after the other so that readers can draw their own conclusions.

There are seedy stuff going on in the underground sex trades all over the world. A negligible population have repressed sexual tastes which are altogether stomach – churning for those who only would imbibe the Missionary Position on these kind of things (pun not not intended)

I think my English vocabulary got enlarged today just by checking out what the meaning of Cropophilia is. My Pidgin English dictionary told me that it means ‘when Crocodile meets a lady called Philia’ but that was way way off the mark.


What strange shit these peeps practice in the name of sex. Horrid sex. And there are always willing partners for such stuff.

It hasn’t been confirmed if the lady in the screenshot is from around these parts ( though the tone of her replies certainly would suggest that she might be) but whatever the case, this conversation opens a new window into the world of ‘Runs’ and its attendant intrigues.

That chick or dude you see driving the flashy cars and wearing expansive clothes and accessories, might just have had some shit pumped into his or her mouth at one time in Dubai or Daura.

I nor fit shout again

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