The Latest Asoebi Styles Men Are Wearing Now

Looking for the  best  asoebi styles for men? Not only will you find inspiration here, you will also understand the best, easy and affordable way to choose a native style to fit into any traditional ceremony you are attending.

Take a look!

  1. The White on White:
    A smart guy knows how to pimp his white on white or black on black so it fits into any native setting. Take the quintessential white agbada or white on white asoebi staples every naija guy is expected to. Put on the agbada like this
    the-latest-asoebi-styles-men-are-wearing-now-7and you are good to go to a traditional yoruba wedding setting. Take off the agbada and wear the affordable red cap and beads like this
    the-latest-asoebi-styles-men-are-wearing-now-4and you are on your way to an Eastern setting.Add the hausa cap and voila- you are now an Alhaji.
  2. The Men’s Danshiki:
    This is a colourful way to look good without trying too hard. The native wear is originally Ghanian but these days it is welcome to most Nigerian native setting. What’s more? You can match with your woman and kids!


  1. The Coloured Eastern Up and Down:
    Whether it’s wine coloured or the more popular deep coffee color , the coloured up and down matched with the right accessories is a simple yet top rated way to show up at asoebi situations.
  2. The Black Agbada

style=”text-align: center;”>After the white agbada is the black agbada.It looks powerful and cool. The best part is that you don’t have to wash  it each and everytime you wear it like the white agbada! You can also jazz things up my combining your white agbada with your black agbada like this.

  1. The Aso-Oke Agbada:

I  call it the money speaking asoebi style. Most guys only get to wear it on their wedding day, but if you want to seperate yourself from the number, consider showing up in a nice well done agbada and watch the way you will addressed with respect

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