The 4 Things Ladies Use in Determining Your P*nis Size and Ability with 5 Minutes of Seeing You

Have you ever caught a lady staring at your crotch?
Well, I have.
Whether you admit it or not, the ladies actually like to guess if you are big down there or not.
So what do they check out?

1. Butt:

Women belief that the bigger the butt, the smaller a man’s sexual organ and vice versa. So if you catch her looking at your butt bro, you now know whats on her mind.

2. Stomach:

They believe men with averagely sized stomach have bigger and more active sexual organs

3. Height

Women check out your height and assume that the taller you are, the longer your sexual organ. The shorter you are, the fatter your sexual organ

4. Body Build

They believe that your fitness determines how well you would be able to use your sexual organs.
So that’s it. It was gathered from candidly questioning some women.
So next time you see her staring at your crotch, you know what’s on her mind!

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