Styles to Wear When You are a Guy on the Fat Side

Styles to Wear When You are a Guy on the Fat Side2

Every body type has it’s rules for looking good.You need to know what outfit to wear and how to wear it to bring out the best in your body type.
If you are a guy who is on the big side, you may find that it takes a little more time to find the perfect outfit for yourself. This is because the market tend to make clothes for the averagely sized or small guy.

3 Style Tips for Guys on the Fat Side

This should not bother you.With these tips, you will know how to choose and wear different fashion items to complement your body type

  1. Choosing and Wearing Jeans
    If you are on the buff side, it is not advisable to go for skinny jeans.You body will end up looking disproportionate.You should go for a wide-legged or a more modern classic fit.
  2. Casual Outfits for Fat Guys:When it comes to casual outfits.Learn to choose outfits that do not add bulk to your your body Naturally, you may want to choose an outfit that seems to swallow your body.That will only make you look bigger.Go for outfits that fit nicely- not tight-but well fitted.
  3. In the same vein, don’t go for short shirts.Choose shirts that are long enough to cover your body and not let some excesses spill over.

Styles to Wear When You are a Guy on the Fat Side1

Styles to Wear When You are a Guy on the Fat Side2


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