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Spectranet Free Night Browsing; Everything You Should Know About It

Spectranet is one of the leading internet service providers in Nigeria. They have a lot of flexible data plans that caters to different walks of life.

One feature that a lot of people like is their unlimited free night browsing feature which they make available on some of their plans.

Yes you read right- not all their plans allow you to enjoy free all night browsing.

Spectranet Plans that Allow Free All Night Browsing

So what plans allow you to enjoy this “awoof”

Here they are

The “Unified Value 25GB Spectranet Plan

  1. This monthly plan goes for            N10,000 – with this you get 25GB            plus Free Unlimited Night browsing

The “Unified Value 55GB”

  1. This monthly plan goes for  N20,000 – you get 55GB plus free unlimited night browsing

The “Unified Value 110GB”

  • for N40,000 – 110GB plus Free Unlimited Night browsing.The “Unified Value 200GB” for N70,000 – This plan offers you 200GB and Free Unlimited Night browsing

Those are the 4 data plans on spectranet that offers you free all night browsing.

The beautiful thing about spectranet is the time the all night browsing starts and ends.

It officially starts at 1am and ends at 7am. Quite unlike other like swift that starts at 12 and ends at 5am.

However, do check if spectranet is good in your area.

To learn more about how to purchase or pay do visit their official page here

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