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“Stop Spitting in My Pu**y”12 Nigerian Women Share What they Wish Their Men Would Stop Doing


12 Naija women were asked what they would like to change in their men.

Their responses vary.

Some are funny, some unbelievable .One thing they all share in common is that they are all revealing.


Take a look.

  1. Men should learn to apologize too

Hmmmmmm I’m the one always apologizing to my husband even when he is the one at fault. He will carry face and not speak to me for days. He will say regular things like good morning, thanks when I serve him food and just necessities. But he wont really talk. I will now have to go apologizing, nothing bothers me more than keeping malice. It eats away at me, so I just apologize.If I don’t, we can go on like that for weeks.May God remove that spirit of malice from our men.



  1. Plenty Things!

Men that’ll engage a lady for years without proper plan

Men that don’t know how to ask after bae’s family

Men that can’t appreciate even a delicious meal

That that don’t notice a woman’s new hair or outfit

  1. Masturbating when I’m there

    Men should stop wanking like a he-goat most especially when the woman is just a kitchen stroll away! she’s slaving and the idiot is cuming alone. selfish bastard!


  1. Do the House Chores With Me

    Men need to stop thinking that doing house chores is only for women.




  1. Lying about their wives Just to Get You

Married men: stop saying I wish I met u before my wife, that’s a big lie and we (women) know it, just state what you want from the beginning and if she’s game, she is.





  1. Leaving their plates after eating:

They (especially my DH) should stop leaving the plate on the dinning after eating. Abeg, always carry your plate go kitchen.




7.Noisily Discussing Football and Politics

Men need to stop shouting at the top of their voices when discussing about football and politics.




  • Aggressively Inviting you to their houses

Men need to stop inviting women to their houses especially a woman they just met. Every time come to my house- them dey share money there?



  1. Engage in more intelligent arguments

Men need to prove their intellect in an argument with a woman as opposed to resulting to insults of the lady’s looks or go and find husband e.g the olomofin brothers vs. Gbemi O, stick to the issue

  1. Forgetting My Birthdays


Men should stop forgetting women’s birthdays. What will he remember?

  1. Spitting in My Pussy During Oral Sex


Boo should stop spitting in my p****y. All in the name of oral sex. Jezzzz

  1. Kiss properly please



Men need to learn how to kiss. What kind of pleasure do they derive from sucking the girl’s two lips at once in the name of kiss…disgusting!!!


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