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NairaBet is a betting platform you can win lots of money, which may range from thousands to millions of naira. You cannot achieve your aim of winning except you understudy and follow the simple laid down rules and regulations provided by this platform. Sport is a passion millions of people derive pleasure from and it is a good thing you can make money from what you have passion for. Before you can win games, you need to understand NairaBet playing codes and odds. This article should guide you on how we can go about the codes on NairaBet.

The Codes and Odds

The codes of every match fixtures are usually provided on the website of NairaBet with the odds placed according to the nature and category you wish to select from.

Knowing the codes and odds for matches makes it very easy for you to select and bet the game you want, and even make it available to the agents at the betting shop for them to register the game for you. The agents will have to register the code of the match and the amount you wish to bet and you will be provided with a slip that you can use to follow up the matches you have booked and even use to collect your money after the match.

The games can also be booked online. The codes refer to the numbers that represents the results of the matches. The points attached to each match are known simply as the odd; they are determinant for winning big or small and even losing your bet. The higher the odds, the higher the amount you are going to win and vice versa.

Each and individual games on NairaBet have a code attached to it and every match has its own odds; these depends on the types of bet you wish to place. There are also promo codes provided by NairaBet, the latest of it is the affiliate bonus code. The bonus is active when you are able to refer other people to register on NairaBet.

When payment deposits are made by the people you refer, you accumulate 100% bonus on the bet. You are also provided with a 50% bonus on any match your friend or the person you refer loses. Funds can be withdrawn through banks once you are given bonuses your friend loses from a bet.

Match Codes for Predictions

When you login to the website and you are taken to the main page of the NairaBet, you will get to see many possible playing codes. These codes are made available for different and all types of betting. Underlisted are the bets you can place on NairaBet.

Under/Over NairaBet booking codes

The under/over codes are used to select number of goals in a particular match. When you select the option, you will be redirected to a web page where you can select from several betting options:

  • Under / Over number of goals in the first half means that there will more or less certain number of goals before the end of first half.
  • Over / Under number of goals means the total number of goals which can either be more or less in the entire game.
  • Over 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5 and 5.5 in each half means that the goals will be more than 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on according to the codes.
  • Under 1.5,2.5,3.5,4.5, and 5.5 in each half also means that the goals will either be less than 1,2,3,4,5, and so on according to the code you chose.

If you wish to place your bet on the odds above, you will have to pick the odd and make selections on the code to the agent betting office who is always readily available to explain how the bet are being done.

Home/Away Game Codes

This is one of the most frequently used and popular type of menu people use in betting games. You can also make bets by choosing from different options and odds to bet game

  • Total goals for the home or away team
  • Home team or away team over/under number of goals
  • Home or Away team highest scoring half
  • Home or Away team win either / both halves
  • Home / Away team clean sheet
    First Half Match Codes

If you are familiar with the codes you can easily check their odds. You can bet on just first half of the match if you want to be more specific about your bets. There are plenty of codes and odds provided for this type of bet

  • Draw no bet in the first half
  • Draw in the first half
  • Number of goals in the first half
  • Total goals in the first half
  • Double chances in the first half
  • First-half result
  • Under/Over number of goals in the first half
  • Score the first goal in the first half
  • Home team/Away team score the goal in the first half
  • Second Half match codes

This type of bet is almost same as that of the first half bet codes. Well, differences always come when the first half is over, because some changes always occurs in the odds

  • Draw no bet in the second half
  • Draw in the second half
  • Number of goals in the second half
  • Total goals in the second half
  • Double chances in the second half
  • Second-half result
  • Under/Over number of goals in the second half
  • Score the first goal in the second half
  • Home team/Away team score the goal in the second half

Other odds and codes 

NaraBet allows you to belt on almost anything. If you see that the options provided are still not enough for you to win your bet, then you can go to “other” section provided on the website. It can easily be located by checking on the “other” variants provided.

  • First goal time interval
  • Both teams to score over/under goals
  • First-half result
  • 10 minutes in the first goal interval
  • First goal 1×2
  • 1×2 over/under goals
  • 1×2 both team scores

The codes are for the games to be played. If you wish to increase your winning chances, then you should try the affiliate promo codes which entails you sending your referral link to friends so that you 50% bonus on any bet they lose.

Always try and gather information and prediction from sites to win bets, do not depend on lucks to win.

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