My Problem With the “BUYNAIJATOGROWTHENAIRA” Campaign is That It Sounds Like Quick Sex.


The outcomes of a quickie and that of sex that is actually planned, intended and filled with foreplays can in no way be compared. In a quickie, there is a 98% probability that only one partner, (usually the male) will reach orgasm. For both partners involved to achieve orgasmic levels of satisfaction, some level of dedication to making that happen needs to be involved and that requires time and concentration on the tiny details that matter, and effectively stimulating same.
My training in brand management and advertising taught me something particularly interesting. I was thought to look at every ad campaign in it’s naked form, strip it bare, stare at the fleshy details and the objectives behind the campaign will start popping out at you. From the copy written, the campaign tagline, creatives etc, no brand can really hide the objective of any campaign whether it be to generate sales, or to increase top of mind awareness (TOMA).
‘Buy Naija —TO—‘Grow the Naira’
Buy Naija —–Because we need to urgently—- save the Naira from imminent collapse.
The point where the ‘TO’ is inserted paints a picture of the campaign’s objective and why this campaign became a necessity at the moment, “To save the Naira”. To save a Naira that has been joyously raped over the last 50 years by our politicians. She is on the verge of death and thus a quick fix is needed. Therein lies the hidden truth, everything is about the Naira not because we care about self sufficiency or innovation, if we did, our competitiveness index as a nation will be top priority. This whole campaign sounds like a first aid for the CBN.
All of this sounds like, ‘Hello Citizens, we need you to help protect the CBN and the Naira. Yes, all of this is about the CBN and not you and I. It’s about the CBN and the elites and not about the thousands trying daily to trend a hashtag. Did you read the papers the order day when the CBN was trying to take certain cautionary measures to protect big businesses like the Dangote Group? A banker said to a friend of mine, no matter how bad it gets, there are people we will always ensure we make dollars available to not you people doing $10k transactions.
Yes, let’s buy Naija, let’s give the CBN a quickie because he’s been exhausted from hard work and needs some ease but what about you and I? Konji no dey do us too? dont we need some stimulation? Dont we need that focus on long term issues that will drive innovation, stimulate the economy and make the naira such a potent force organically? Go read from history, we’ve been here severally. Opec will someday put their politics aside and restore the oil prices and what next? Nigeria will simply go back to reckless spending and might never even recall that such a hashtag ever trended on social media.
Perhaps we should get Sun Tzu to write another book, ‘The Art of Sex for African Governments’.
Some will call me a dispassionate citizen, others will come here to mention China in defence of BuyNaija. Just to prepare you for your China argument, China was built on fake products and espionage. Fake products and espionage are two reasons china will eventually go down. China does not innovate, china replicates, which some of our Aba brothers will prefer to do. That in itself is another form of a quickie or perhaps we should call that a blow job.



Written by Facebook User-Perez Tigidam

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