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“Men Who Sleep Around are Sluts Too!” Naija Girl Vents


At 20, i have come to realise the joy and fulfilment in living life to the fullest. Coming from a noble home, i was not raised to be a man’s stooge not to talk of an animal’s. My worth was defined from the day i stepped into earth and has been shapened overtime. I was taught the right and the wrong. And that moral laws condone no breaker. If a woman must be condemned and despised for a crime, a man must by all means face the same. I believed this and i knew before God and men it was the truth. I didnt just believe, it became real to me and has influenced my judgement.

However, the society has flung half of this truth and has held on to a part because of how drunk in power it has become and the advantage this fist had fetched it.

We are aware now of this evil conditioning that a woman who sleeps around is a slut and should be desired less but a man who does same a stud and should be the craving of every woman. Many men have quietly nodded in agreement and a few mouthy ones have not failed to vocalise their agreement. And women? So many to the shame of dignity and womanhood have sang along with the men. And you wonder which would sacrifice her pride to make a stud!?

Because to make more studs we need more sluts. Can any of you women come out and offer yourself to a man who would dump you for another. If you cannot hold your peace and stupidity!

A stud is a man who is sexually attractive to so many women. So they say! but i see a stud as an animal who is unable to control its sexual desires, hates monogamous relationships and (therefore) deserves to be judged and condemned.

Women who say they are attracted to studs and hate inexperienced men need not only their heads examined but their consciences and should not take offence when they are called sluts. Cos only a slut or zombie would reason this way.

A stud has nothing tangible to offer except to toy with my emotion, cause me heart breaks and render me unproductive.

For every stud out there there are ten whores rendering my gender useless and subjecting me to prove myself as a woman of pride and esteem all the time. Nothanks.


Post first appeared on Nairaland

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