From India|How Chukwuma Killed His Friend Obinna Over an Argument about Lionel Messi & Cristiano Ronaldo


Here’s one more valid reason we shouldn’t argue about sports with people.

So 34-year-old Durumchukwu Obinna Michael is currently lying in the mortuary   while 22-year-old Chukwuma Nwabu Is currently awaiting his own death by the law. All  because of a seemingly harmless argument over who is better between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Leonardo.

So it all happened at a mutual friend’s house when the late Michael went to celebrate his birthday..

The next morning- Sunday, all the guests left the house for both Nwabu and Michael who were watching football.

They started a conversation on football, which culminated into an argument and eventually a violent fight between both men.

According to reports, Nwabu who supports Ronaldo, hit Michael. Michael then threw a tumblr at him. The glass hit its mark and hit the wall. A livid Nwabu grabbed a shard and stabbed Michael in the throat

Michael bled to death.

The irony of it is that both men were on student visas


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