Fila!Yoruba Traditional Cap Designs You Cant Help But Love

The fila is a quintiessential part of every yoruba man’s outfit. Simply translated, fila means cap. The fila is the traditional yoruba man’s native cap. Yorubas are from the western part of Nigeria.
There are different styles of the fila.Some are old school and outdated.Some are new school and trendy.A lot are timeless and classy.
For me, i stick to one rule of thumb- simplicity is the greatest sophistication!

These different styles of cap have been crowned with different names.I will list some.
One of them is the Fila Abeeti Aja. This simply means Cap like the ears of a dog.
This style of traditional cap stays true to is name- it has two edges sticking out like the ears of a dog. See a picture below.
Another one is the awolowo cap which i find classy. It was named after the great Awolowo because he regularly wore this style of cap.
In all choosing a cap all depends on your personal taste and style.
Take a look at some styles below.


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