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DEOLA SAGOE: Biography, & Everything that Makes Her Our Woman Crush

deola sagoe

The Nigerian Fashion Industry cannot be what it is today without the mention of Deola Sagoe. This epitome of beauty, talent, class and more is a live wire that charges the current of fashion in the country. Her work speaks of a woman of talent, who has channeled her passion and built it into something likened to a dream. Like a surgeon cutting through the body of a patient, Deola Sagoe works with the same zeal, meticulously cutting and fixing fabrics of any kind; whether African Fabric or hand -woven to create exquisite styles and designs.

We have been awed countless times by her and love for arts and creative skills which are represented in her designs that seem to be pulsing with energy, full of life and glowing.  

She made a cameo appearance in the 2014 movie October 1 where she played the role of Funmilayo Ransom-kuti.

Who then is Deola Sagoe, the woman that seems to bring fabrics alive with character?

Deola Sagoe is a multi-talented, multi award winning Nigerian fashion designer and the founder and CEO of House of Deola, a fashion brand that provides fashionable wears for women established in 1989 in Lagos, Nigeria. Her journey into the fashion world started from designing in Odua’s collection which was her late mother’s fashion house at the time.  

A native of Ondo State, one can say that Deola Sagoe’s entrepreneurial spirit had been set in motion right from the beginning as she was born into the popular and wealthy entrepreneur family who were the owners of the Elizade Group.

Deola Sagoe’s Daughters

Who are Deola Sagoe’s Daughter;
Deola Sagoe has 3 daughters- Teni Sagoe, Aba Sagoe and Tiwa Sagoes

deola sagoes daughters

Education and career launch

After studying and obtaining a degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami in 1987, she went farther to get a Master’s degree in Finance and Management from the prestigious University of Lagos. Deola Sagoe is an icon, visionary and pacesetter with designs that are one of its kind and unlike anything else seen in the fashion industry which has made her popular both at home and internationally as one of the best haute couture fashion designers in this age with fans and followers from all over the world with famous fans like Alek Wek, Oprah Winfrey, Will smith and some African First ladies.

Deola Sagoe’s Contact

Deola Sagoe the brand is located at Victoria Island
Address: 292F Ajose Adeogun St, Victoria Island, Lagos
Phone Number: 0806 968 8653

House of Deola

House of Deola fashion Company is a top ranking fashion company expert in Africa. The Company stands at the forefront, promoting and vigorously supporting the Fashion Industry in Africa. One unique thing about this fashion Company is its genuine and creative use of fabrics, paying attention to details while dishing out advanced and original methods of designs and wears.

Deola Sagoe’s Achievements

She has achieved great feats such as winning the “Africa Designs” and MNET/Anglo Gold African Designs 2000 awards for which she was nominated by US vogue Editor, Andrea Leon Tally.

The African Almanac Scale Rated Deola Sagoe as number 37 of the 100 most influential Africans in the world.

She was the first black woman to pioneer the introduction of African infused collection in Rome’s renowned fashion week, AltaRoma back in 2004; she has also at one time in the past been invited as a guest on New York Fashion week.

Deola, in 2006, successfully handled the role assigned to her as Nigeria’s representative to the United Nations World Food Program ‘Catwalk the World: Fashion for Food’ which was organized with the aim of raising money to combat poverty and deal with the ever increasing percentage of  hungry people, most especially children. She showcased the Through the Eras Collection at this event.

In 2007, she won the International Star for Quality Award in Paris for her superior clothing.

Deola Sagoe presently

Deoala is in no way slowing down or about to give up. Since 1989 when Deola Sagoe delved into the world of fashion designing, she has held steady, conquering new bounds and soaring new heights with the motive of presenting fashionable wears for the modern, mysterious woman who is comfortable in her own skin, not afraid to be in the spot light and yet embraces her complexities.  Her brand continuously provides unique and modern ways in African haute couture, integrating almost forgotten traditional techniques with the modern designs.

Her marriage with her then spouse Koffi Sagoe, unfortunately came to an end due to irreconcilable differences on both sides. The union was blessed with three girls Teni, Aba and Tiwa who are also walking in the steps of their mother and has gone ahead to launch their own fashion design label CLAN. CLAN on its own has gained international recognition as its appearance on the New York Fashion Week in 2014 catapulted the brand to global status.

No doubt, Deola Sagoe is an innovator, setting new tracks in the fashion industry for other women in Africa and the world at large who are nursing the ambition to become fashion designers.

Deola Sagoe’s Dresses

Forget about Wednesdays, Deola Sagoe is our Woman Crush Every day!

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