#AvoidIt!|The Signs Your Woman Disrespects You


There is nothing as terrible as a disrespectful woman. At first it seems ok- sometimes even sexy.

Wait a while- then you would know how disgusting and utterly annoying it can be.

I’ll give you  a few signs that your woman is being disrespectful. I hope it helps you know when to checkmate certain attitudes before it goes overboard

  1. She is Not Excited When You Win

    As the saying goes- pay attention to those who don’t clap when you win- yes, even your girl.

Your girl should always be excited when you share a point of success. If she doesn’t, she probably does not respect you and doesn’t think your achievement are worthy of celebration

  1. She Says Nasty Things about Your Behind You Back:

    It’s better to have a girl who argues with you in your presence than one who goes behind you to snitch to her friends. It’s a sign that he does not respect you.

  1. She Does Not Ask for Your OPINION:

    This is different from asking for your permission. When she asks for your opinion, she genuinely values your input and wants to know what you think. She is not doing it just because she does not want trouble.

  1. She Has Emotional Affairs with Other Men:

    A girl who respects you would not allow herself get emotionally attached to other guys. Sex does not have to happen. If she is spending long hours chatting and being fresh with other guys, she does not respect you.

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