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Doing these 7 Simple Things Will Make You Appear Smarter when You Talk to People


Do you know you can sound smarter than you actually are?
Appearing smarter is not so much about using high-sounding words like Patrick Obiagbon, it is a about how you say what you say!
I will give you 7 ways to sound smarter

1. Work on Your Posture

It is important to put out a self-assured outward image when speaking. How to do this? Stand straight or sit straight with a relaxed spine. It also puts you in a comfortable confident physical and mental state of speaking.

2. Avoid Mindless Words:

Cliches, buzzwords and “intelligent sounding” words without a correct sense of their meaning would only hep to make your listeners fall asleep

3. Speak Loudly , Not Forcefully

Speaking loudly and confidently so that people at far reaches can hear is a great asset in seeming more intelligent.
See the rest in the infographic below

speaking habit

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