5 Tricks that will Make Your Cheap Suits Look Expensive


Not everyone can afford to pay for a custom fitted suit from a high end designer in Paris.
But every one of us can look like we got our suits from Paris. Follow these steps and you are good bro.

How to Make your Suit Look Expensive

Even the best cheap suits, sometimes show their price. It’s great to know the best places to buy a suit on a budget, but it’s also very important you know the tips, tricks and must-dos to ensure your suit.

1. Pay attention to the fabric:

One key factor that determines if a suit will look cheap or expensive is its fabric.No mater who the tailor is- buy high quality material- do not scrimp on this.

2. Ask for Hand Stitched Canvas

The canvas is what is used to line the insides of the suit jacket. Ask your tailor not to glue the canvas in. Instead ask him/ her to stitch them in. This is what  makers of expensive suits do. When the canvas is glued, it becomes difficult for the suit to stick to your body frame.

Not only that, the glued linen begins to gather pockets. That is where all those puffy looking jackets start from. You can also request for a half-canvassed jacket which is hand stitched around the chest and glued towards the lower frame.

3. Don’t Experiment With Colour:

When it comes to a suit you are not spending much on, you need to play safe. Bright colors will only draw attention to the tiny details of a suit which may not be too stellar. Go for darker hues such as charcoal black or navy blue etc

4. Pay Attention to the Shoulders:

One of the keys to a suit that looks good is the shoulder fitting. If you are not sure of how a suit should fit, check out this post.

5. Dress Up Your Suit:

After you have finally gotten your suit, dress it up anytime you wear it. Don quality accessories such as pocket squares. You can check out this post on different styles of pocket squares.

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